Stress is natural and belongs to life itself.

  • for immediate, short term situations, stress is beneficial for you
  • to prepare you for »fight or flight« action
  • and can help you cope with potentially serious situations

What about chronic stress?

  • our bodies were not designed to handle continuous stress
  • upon disruption of life balance body responds by stimulating the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems
  • chronic stress is linked to serious health conditions such as coronary/heart disease, depression, cancer, anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, high blood sugar, stomach-ache, insomnia, weakened immune systems, fertility problems, low sex drive, rapid breathing, fatigue

Are pain and stress closely related?

  • symptoms of stress include increased pain, fatigue, low mood, difficulty sleeping, and changes appetite
  • part of getting pain relief is learning how to better manage stress itself
CeBeDot - Are pain and stress closely related?

What is the solution … or is there one?

stress management has become an essential part of balanced lifestyle and wellbeing, embracing

multiple routines consisting of meditation, yoga, sleep and exercise

reframing your thoughts and
social activities

diet and food supplements, especially gifts of nature

How to manage life balance, stress & pain? What is the solution