It was created by the propulsive group of three highly skilled chemists with a broad professional as well as leadership experience in global top-notch pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Throughout our careers we have been very successful in numerous leadership roles in development, production and in sales. We have PhD degrees in chemistry, biochemistry and Masters in Business and Economics.

Lately we have been carefully observing the development of growing CBD market and especially how it services the consumers. Even more, we have started thinking about how to use and transform our knowledge, experience and expertise to increase the quality of regular CBD user experience. We came up with an idea to make an elegant, easy to use, effective and precise dose formulation that will enable the everyday or occasional users to ultimately enjoy what nature has to offer.

The sublingual thin film has been developed that comprises all the above-mentioned benefits: from formulation that has incorporated timer which takes care for the film to dissolve under the tongue in few minutes and enables effective transfer of CBD through capillaries directly to the bloodstream, to discrete and elegant packaging that you can use at home, office, nature and when traveling.

Nature, experience and expertise – all joined in one product that you can enjoy.